What is ECOru?

ECOru - Banking & Finance Solution is a cloud native, parameterized, scalable and open API digital core banking system built to empower small to more complex finance institutions & banks. Designed by industry specialists in accordance to international standards, ECOru offers businesses the opportunity to create new distribution channels, innovative products, cost effective service delivery and provide better customer experience.

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Loans & Advances

Loans & Advances are fully flexible as you can make your own products by altering features such as the term of the loan, repayment frequency, interest rate, interest calculation method, grace periods, charges and more as you require.

Savings & Term Deposits

Equipped with advanced interest rate calculations to attract savings and run promotions, now you can easily determine product margins and overall profit of your portfolio. It includes straight line, slab level & threshold level interests.

Customer Management

The system functions with both Individual and group client approaches and enables capturing of KYC information & unique identifiers. One of the most informative features of ECOru is the 360° view of customer profile & portfolio.

Cash Management

It is the focal point where all cash transactions take place. Each teller will be given a virtual till which facilitates a daily audit & reconciliation. You can also send an email or SMS to the customer related to any transaction via this tool.

Payment Management

Manage all your cheque & bank payments in one place. It is embedded with options such as issuing, authorizing, printing, clearing & returning of cheques. You can also register other suppliers under suitable categories and release payments.

Credit Line Management

With so much uncertainty in the current economic climate, managing credit lines is an important way to mitigate portfolio risk. Optimize credit line strategies with ECOru to increase profitability, balance constraints, and meet business objectives.

General Ledger

ECOru gives the ability to add GL accounts and link them to specific products, charges, or branches easily. All the ledger functionalities are automated, but users can enter manual journal entries whenever they need to make a correction.

User Administration

Via role-based control, users are only allowed to access information necessary to effectively perform their duties. Access can be based on several factors, such as authority, responsibility, and job competency resulting in ability to view, create, or modify an attribute.

System Administration

ECOru is run by this master module which includes product & user management, security & session controls, currency rate tables, and end of day (EOD) / start of day (SOD) processes. It can also handle alerts and notifications.

How can I Implement ECOru?

ECOru core banking system can be implemented both on-premise & cloud. However, we want what’s best for you. Therefore, we recommend that you use a cloud solution due to its low cost, high availability & security. ECOru can be hosted on Microsoft Azure, AWS & GCP and their standby methods guarantee business continuity in case of disaster or data center outage while use of Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificate ensures encrypted data transmission. With a traditional on-premise solution, you will have to maintain your own physical servers and worry about technical glitches, god’s acts & sabotage. Furthermore, both CAPEX & OPEX costs will add up significantly as your business grows. But with the cloud, you only have to pay a minimum of OPEX expenses and scale on demand.

Here's an easy to understand diagram of On-Premise vs Cloud costs.

Ongoing Costs

Apply patches, upgrades


Performance tuning

Rewrite customizations

Rewirte intergrations

Upgrade dependent applications

Ongoing burden on IT(hardaware)

Maintain/ upgrade network

Maintain/ upgrade security

Maintain/ upgrade database

Ongoing Costs

Subscription fees



System Administration